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Artworks per page 9 | 15 | 30
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Photography as we know it today is the culmination of centuries of scientific inquiry and discovery. Modern photography has its origins in the 4th and 5th century with the invention of the pinhole camera, and later the camera obscura dating from the 6th century. The first photographs from a camera occurred in the 1820s and although the process was far from perfect, it was a beginning. During the rest of the 1800s the process of photography rapidly advanced and color photographs were developed also. In the late 80’s digital photography made its debut and the world of photography was changed irrevocably. Digital photography impacted the photographic field dramatically. As the ubiquity of computing technology grew, and digital cameras became a part of most mobile phones photography has come to the point where there is a high-quality camera in nearly every back pocket or purse.

Photography’s impact on art has been multi-layered, but one of the most important impacts it has had outside of its field as an art genre itself, is to allow millions of people access to art through photographs. Before photography art was really only accessible through galleries and museums, meaning that for the common man, it was not a part of everyday life, if at all. Images of art in real-life, vivid color are an incredible opportunity to experience art without having to view the real thing. Photography has allowed art to be shared and explored like never before.

Fine Art photography came into being in the late 1800s, although it was not widely accepted as such, with fine art photographers having to battle to have their art recognized, rather than its common designation as ‘craft’. Today the plethora of fine art photography for sale in galleries, online and privately is testament to the fact that this art form has come into its own. Photographic artists span the gamut of the medium, with artists working in traditional methods, using film and dark rooms, to those who are into digital manipulation, modern printing and everything in between.

Artorca has a unique collection of fine art photography for sale by photographers from around the world. The collection covers a broad range of subjects, including animals, architecture, people, technology and more. The photography for sale in Artorca’s art gallery is listed and sold by photographers directly, so buyers are ensured to receive authentic work at affordable prices. Furthermore, purchases are covered by Artorca's Buyer Protection for their full value, for your security and peace of mind.

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