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Artorca is an online art gallery that provides art collectors with a modern platform to buy art online directly from artists in more than 190 countries. At Artorca, we are passionate about art and believe that art is an essential part of world culture and society. Our online art gallery is changing the way the world experiences and buys art and is working hard towards making art affordable and accessible to everyone, everywhere. Browse our art gallery to discover stunning collections of original paintings, prints, photography and sculptures and buy art online from some of the world’s most talented artists. Purchases are covered by Artorca’s Buyer Protection program for their full value, and since you buy art directly from artists, you get great prices.

The ability to buy art online has dramatically lowered the barriers to entry for many new collectors and artists alike. By making art accessible in an online art gallery, art lovers can enjoy the world of art in their own space and time and have access to thousands of artworks from all over the world, something that one cannot expect from a physical art gallery. Artorca’s online art gallery is easy to navigate and has multiple search filters so buyers can find exactly the kind of art they like. Search for art by medium, such as oil, acrylic, watercolour, or by subject matter, price, country of origin and artist. Buyers are also given access to artists’ profiles and portfolios where they can see biographical information as well as other works by the artist.

For artists the online gallery provides an unprecedented platform for connecting with art collectors and interested buyers. Setting up an artist’s profile is free and simple, allowing artists to easily engage with people who want to buy art online. Artorca facilitates direct contact between artist and buyer, creating a global network of artists and art enthusiasts and is truly challenging the paradigm of seperation between artists and their supporters.

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