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Artworks per page 9 | 15 | 30
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To most people’s mind, drawing conjures up the image of a pencil, but the genre is far more diverse than that. Pen, ink, crayons, chalk, pastels, charcoal and of course pencil are all mediums for drawing and although paper is the most obvious support, drawings can be done on almost any other material, so long as the medium adheres. Artists who are primarily drawers are called draftsmen and because of the availability and cost effectiveness of media for drawing, it is one of the most popular and most widespread artistic activities.

Pictograms are the earliest forms of drawings known, and these simplistic images are thought to be the precursor to written language. In the art world, drawing is considered the foundation of artistic practice, especially after the availability of paper became widespread. Most artists would use drawing for their preliminary sketches and workings-out, before finalizing a piece of work in paint. Drawing flourished in the Renaissance, where the sciences of geometry and mathematics coincided with the world of art, and images began to be depicted with realistic plains of field and perspectives. Drawing was the basis that allowed these artists to practice and understand these elements of composition.

Drawing was also historically used in the sciences as a way to record the details of specific objects, like the extensive collections of botanical drawings, for example. With the advent of photography this practice died out somewhat, however these drawings are still valued today for their artistic and historical significance.

The drawings for sale of well-known artists are often more affordable than their paintings or sculptures, so oftentimes drawings are the first purchases of collectors and art enthusiasts just starting out. For example, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Cezanne, Ingres and Picasso are all considered notable draftsmen, however because their drawings are often their studies for painted works, they are usually more plentiful, less detailed and less expensive. This is not to say that drawings themselves always plat the second fiddle to other forms of art, or are always less expensive.

Nowadays aside from the traditional artistic scene, drawing is also the medium for the hugely popular cartoon, comics and manga genres, which often incorporates digital drawings into the mix. The comic and manga art market is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, not just for the sale of comic books, but the manga drawings for sale from noted artists in the field. has a huge selection of drawings for sale, spanning the spectrum of possibilities with this versatile medium. Browse the collection of drawings by price, style, subject, medium, colour or country to filter art according to your choice and find exactly what you are looking for. Each drawing in the gallery is listed for sale by the artist directly and is covered by Artorca's Buyer Protection for your peace of mind. Drawings for sale at Artorca include various subjects, styles and mediums such as charcoal, ink, pastels, graphite and more.

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